Friday, June 23, 2006

Part V - Phantas

This chapter was the first written on this novel. In fact, the first words spoken were the inspiration for the whole thing. This is also where the novel starts really moving towards the climax. Having gotten to this point in publishing this online is a pretty big deal for me. It finally looks as though the end is in sight.

When I started this project, Philaros jokingly suggested that since seven is the sacred number of Talislanta, I should write seven Tal novels. That's definitely not going to happen. Nevertheless, I do have outlines and fragments of several more novels and stories. My plan was to write linked stories that would have a loose relationship to one another, but that weren't specifically sequential; something more like The Chronicles of Narnia than The Lord of the Rings. For example, the second book was to focus on the mysterious stranger who questions Za'dar in Chapter 15. Za'dar, Feuried, and Tamohara also were to have many adventures. Feruid was to die in book four, and at the beginning of book seven, Za'dar makes a cameo as a much older (but still vigorous) man living in Zanth. I also have a multi-chapter tale about a Sniper Bug and his many adventures questing in an enclosed garden in Dracarta. Perhaps I'll finish that off and publish it seperately one day.


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