Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chapter 22 - Tarun Arrival

I apologize for the slowness of posts. I'm starting to work into a section of the novel that has some holes and inconsistencies that I need to fix as I go. This is a relatively short bit, but I had to work it over several times. I finally ended up deleting a whole dialog that I was rather proud of but that has no place in the novel as it's now organized. I may salvage this dialog or post it as a standalone bit at some later date.

Tarun is a fascinating city in that it is given entirely over to the most laissez faire form of capitalism. Its Farad rulers are merchants and deal makers extrordinaire. I seem to remember that there's a great story about a Farad merchant in the Tales of Talislanta book (now out of print, I beleive).


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