Monday, January 09, 2006

Map of the Coral City

More chapters soon, I promise!

In the meantime, here are some pictures and maps of the Coral City of Isalis. I drew some maps of the city back when I started these chapters three years ago, but somehow they were lost. So I created some updated ones from my memory.

The City of Isalis is composed almost entirely of living coral that the Sunra coax into city shapes using ancient biomantic arts. The primary exception to this is the foreigner's quarter, which includes several stone and wood buildings. The map, sadly, shows less than half of the city, because even at low tide, most of it is submerged. Once a year, at the season of highest tides, the entire city is submerged. This is a necessity, for the corals die if they do not gain some exposure to the sea.

This, sadly, is the city's greatest weakness. In ancient times, the Quan were able to conquer the city intact by damming the main inlet to the Inland Sea. By threatening to lower the water levels, the Quan were able to conquer the Sunra without a battle. The Sunra then became the source of the Empire's navy and merchant forces. When the Quan's military slave race the Kang revolted, they took control of the dam and the Sunra in turn.


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