Monday, February 13, 2006

Part II in one PDF

Here's part II of the novel in one PDF.

Last night I was hanging out with Philaros, and the topic of "Talislanta adventures we'd like to see" came up. I suggested "Talislanta Winter Olympics", which led to speculations about sporting events around Talislanta (Duneship regatta? A marathon across the wilderlands? Dung digging in Maruk? Speed skating through Ice Giant territory?) Philaros made the observation that every event boils down to "don't get eaten". That raises a point that may not be entirely obvious - the wild lands of Talislanta are ridiculously lethal. They're crawling with Kra, Vasps, Exomorphs, and demons of all descriptions, any one of which could finish off your standard hero in one bit. This is apros pos because in the next section we're going to see some of Za'dar's adventures in the wilderlands.


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